Turnkey Direct Mail Campaign Management Services

As digital marketing is increasingly plagued by ad blockers, bots and questionable metrics, direct mail stands tall as a channel consumers trust when making purchase decisions. Our soup-to-nuts DM strategy will help you talk to more of those consumers, sooner.


The smallest oversight in planning can have a drastic impact on response. Through the lens of our extensive testing history, we conduct a collaborative analysis of your business & competition, using the most meticulous marketing research tools available.


The only way to truly maximize ROI in the direct mail channel is to regularly and strategically test against your existing control. Our proprietary testing methodology boosts response and reduces waste faster than any testing strategy in the industry today.

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What works in brand advertising doesn’t work in direct marketing. SeQuel’s writers, designers & offer strategists are the industry elite, and always come armed with data-driven rationale. Plus, we keep our creative fees uniquely low in order to maximize your testing budget.


Brilliant creative is useless if you’re not talking to your ideal customer—enter exhaustive list research & customized responder modeling. SeQuel staves off fatigue with proven frequency strategies and eliminates waste with advanced data-hygiene tactics.




Direct marketers don’t need to roll out enormous volumes to enjoy economies of scale. As one of the fastest-growing direct marketing agencies in the country, SeQuel strategically gangs media and postage across all of our clients to ensure universal discounts.

Under contract?

Even though we do everything from marketing research to print & lettershop, we understand that some direct marketers rely on multiple internal or vendor teams for various aspects of their campaigns. You can always tap SeQuel to reinforce a single link in your supply chain, and we’ll gladly come alongside your existing partners.

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