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If you want to make sure you’re growing as rapidly as possible in the direct mail channel, you need a disciplined testing strategy. Our proven FaQtor Test uses predictive analytics to help you maximize response and ROI faster and more affordably than ever before.

Testing 101

It’s inevitable: every control will experience fatigue. Even if performance isn’t in rapid decline, without an advanced testing strategy, how can you be sure you’re maximizing ROI? Sadly, while sifting through endless creative/offer/list combinations in search of the next winner, many direct marketers commit one of two testing blunders that drastically hinder performance.

Testing key

Performance of any control (left) is measured according
to three variables: creative, offer and list

Mistake #1: A/B Testing

Most direct marketers, if they’re testing at all, do so in an A/B environment. Testing just one unique variable at a time is simple and inexpensive, but industry trends suggest that any given A/B test has only a 15% chance of beating control. It takes months or even years to find minor improvements—meanwhile, you’re neglecting countless winning creative/offer/list combinations.


Sample A/B test matrix, testing one unique offer (B) against
control offer (A), using control creative (red) and control list (purple)

Mistake #2: Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is an equally inefficient strategy for beating control. By simultaneously testing umpteen creative/offer/list combinations in a single multivariate test, you greatly increase your chances of finding a winner quickly. However, it’s often prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re burdened by statistical validity requirements. Plus, you’re investing in many combinations you’re not sure will work.


Sample full-scale multivariate test matrix, testing 35 unique combinations of
four creatives, three offers and three lists against control (top left)

FaQtorTest - Copy


SeQuel’s proven FaQtor Test methodology gives you the best of both A/B and multivariate testing, with none of their downsides. Drawing on the principles of fractional factorial design, we structure every FaQtor Test matrix by strategically choosing which unique creative/offer/list combinations to test at sample volumes. That allows SeQuel’s analysts to measure which variables have the biggest relative impact on performance.


Sample FaQtor Test matrix, testing only seven unique combinations of
four creatives, three offers and three lists against control (top left)

SeQuel’s analysts then extrapolate those relative impacts to accurately index (aka predict) how every possible combination would fare in a full-scale multivariate test. Indexing not only directs you toward winners you didn’t initially test—it also saves you from testing all the losers. In other words, FaQtor Test quickly gives you multivariate-level success rates, for a fraction of the price.


That same FaQtor Test matrix, showing all 35 unique potential winners that
SeQuel can measure against control (top left) through indexing

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