Unlike most digital marketers, our strategists bring decades of direct-response expertise to our elaborate suite of digital services. Armed with proven testing strategies, response-driven copywriting and design tactics, and countless other best practices, we’ll rapidly maximize your online conversions and ROI.

Paid Search

Prospective customers are searching for your product or service online—how do you get in front of them with your offer at the exact moment when they are ready to make a purchase?

Leveraging our deep roots in direct-response marketing, SeQuel provides paid-search management across all the most popular search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Through keyword research, optimized account structure, direct-response copywriting, testing, and analysis, we work hard to ensure you are competing (and winning!) when prospects are actively shopping within your industry vertical.

Paid Social

Billions of people are on Facebook and other social media platforms, including your customers and those who would be your customers (if they only knew about your company). How can you tap the massive potential of social media and acquire new consumers in a sustainable way?

Anyone can pound away on audiences with interruptive social ads. But the results are a low relevance scores, high CPCs and unacceptable CPAs. Facebook isn’t Google, and too many agencies forget this key fact.

SeQuel’s approach is different. We understand that people don’t go on social media to search for something specific, but rather to connect and discover. They want to see what’s happening with family, friends and other groups, publications, topics, and brands in which they’ve shown interest.

With this in mind, SeQuel introduces your brand to a set of test audiences by producing and promoting content that’s relevant and helpful to them and positions you as a trusted resource. Only after they’ve leaned in, consumed your content (and established trust) do we come back and make an offer for your product with an ad. We call this two-step social selling approach “Qualify & Convert”—an effective marriage of content marketing and paid media that generates significantly higher conversion rates and lower CPAs.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Over 97% of prospective customers leave the typical website without converting. What would a 15-20% increase in online conversion rate mean for your business?

SeQuel provides direct-response landing-page strategy, copywriting, design, development and testing services to help you turn more web visits into web conversions. We can work within the structure of your existing website, or build landing pages that are hosted on our A/B testing platform but appear on your subdomain. That alleviates your need to tap IT or web resources, speeding the deployment of new landing pages and enhancing the agility of test plans.


Your new customers are out there, sending billions of digital signals with their online and offline behaviors. But how do you get in front of them and make them aware that your product or service can fulfill their needs? And how do you do so precisely, efficiently and at scale?

SeQuel offers digital prospecting services that use high-level data science, algorithms and statistical models to build custom digital “Act-Alike” audiences for your brand. Ingesting massive sets of raw, anonymous data, we first generate a unique “brand signal” to identify the online actions that make your customers unique. By capturing the complete journey of your current customers–from web browsing to app usage to physical visits–we can efficiently deliver your message to new prospective customers whose digital “footprints” mirror those of your current customers (with precision and scale across all screens).

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Digitally enhance your direct mail performance

If you’re not retargeting your direct mail prospects with synchronized digital ads, you’re missing a huge opportunity to cut through clutter and boost response. Our proven multichannel strategy, SeQuel Surround, has shown to increase direct mail sales rates by 14% on average.

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