Client Case Studies

Many agencies obsess over response metrics, paying little attention to cost per acquisition or the lifetime value of the customer. Our mission is to constantly find new ways to make our clients’ campaigns even more profitable, because scale isn’t possible without a healthy bottom line.

A multinational bank wanted to drive deposit increases via a CD campaign featuring multiple rates and terms. The bank asked SeQuel to build a program (in three languages) that would maximize awareness of this offer and drive traffic to campaign landing pages. Prospective customers had to go into physical branch locations to perform the transactions, so the campaign needed to target specific geographic areas near bank branches, both at the DMA level and, for added precision, within a 10-mile radius of branch locations. SeQuel designed a multichannel program featuring paid search, display prospecting and retargeting, and Facebook prospecting and retargeting across multiple audiences and relevant keywords.

The campaign produced the following results for the client:


14,000,000 impressions


49,000 visits to campaign landing pages


2,200 conversions


An attractive $27 cost per conversion


Over $1 BILLION in new CD deposits

SeQuel has been instrumental in helping us rethink our digital strategy. We are very pleased with their performance and people. It’s a great relationship that we continue to invest in and grow.

-VP of Media, SeQuel Client

Before this insurer engaged with SeQuel, it had a long-term relationship with another digital agency that was managing their paid search campaigns. When performance began to degrade, SeQuel offered to audit the insurer’s PPC account and found significant opportunities for improvement in the account structure and bidding strategy, and also in reporting that was focused on business-driving KPIs. Leveraging the same budget as had been used in prior efforts, SeQuel’s campaign produced the following year-over-year results:


Quotes increased by 22%


Cost per quote decreased 30%


Sales via the website increased 30%


Sales across all channels increased 17%

There's not much more we can say other than that SeQuel has knocked the cover off the ball for us this year in paid search.

-Director of Marketing, SeQuel Client

A leading specialty insurer was looking to grow its direct-to-consumer business, and the most fruitful digital marketing channels in this industry are paid and organic search. In the U.S., there are more than 400,000 non-branded searches in this product category every month. Prior to engaging with SeQuel, the brand had been working with a vertically specialized agency. They were moderately successful in capturing branded search traffic, but unfortunately they were not able to make any headway in non-branded paid search, which was significantly hampering the brand’s direct-to-consumer growth. The brand’s search for a new agency came down to SeQuel and one other finalist, and after designing a multi-year paid and organic search growth plan, SeQuel was awarded the business.

In the first nine months of SeQuel’s campaign, the brand has enjoyed the following year-over-year performance boosts (using a budget consistent with prior efforts):


76% increase in revenue from paid search


77% increase in transactions


83% increase in e-commerce conversion rate


400% increase in revenue from non-branded paid search


198% increase in transactions from non-branded paid search


119% increase in e-commerce conversion rate from non-branded paid search


67% increase in average order value from non-branded paid search

In this industry, it’s absolutely critical that you effectively capitalize on non-branded search traffic. After just nine months of observing the campaign’s performance, the client has already decided to double its paid search budget for the next calendar year.

-Chris Hofmann, SeQuel’s VP of Digital Services

A premier subscription box service offering full-size lifestyle products was investing heavily in digital channels and influencer marketing but was looking for added scale. SeQuel tested three models, one offer and one creative concept in an initial 100,000-piece test.


SeQuel's campaign yielded an overall CPA of just $57


The best model yielded a CPA of just $45


The best model produced a sales rate of 1.36%

Testing this proven growth channel is far more affordable than most marketers think, and for this brand, it meant almost 1,000 new customers from the initial mailing. The client is eager to increase volume and continue optimizing performance in the next mail drop, and we're also planning to use mail to retarget web visitors.

-Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

A leading specialty meal-kit subscription brand was experiencing scale limitations with its existing marketing mix and was having difficulties reaching its niche audience. SeQuel developed a 100,000-piece initial mail test that targeted modeled acquisition audiences, web leads and lapsed customers, leveraging a special offer and a unique creative concept for each respective segment. After seeing just 30 days of results, the client quickly invested in an additional 250,000 pieces and plans to mail another 500,000 pieces in its next drop.


The initial test yielded an overall CPA of just $73


The win-back segment yielded a CPA of just $29


The client plans to increase mail volume by 5x from the initial test

With one modest initial direct mail test, the client generated nearly 1,000 new customers. The client is so confident in this campaign strategy that it plans to quintuple its volume relative to the initial test, and it also wants to test Facebook and microfencing as ways to augment direct mail performance.

-Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

A leading B2B brand was relying on digital marketing to reach small and medium-sized businesses, but was understandably experiencing scale limitations, and was having difficulties identifying its ideal prospect in terms of industry, company size and the recipient's job title. SeQuel developed a modest 50,000-piece "gut check" direct mail test, which performed so well that the client decided to invest in a 500,000-piece back test, consisting of seven creative concepts, three offers, two affinity files, an industry code file and two custom models.


The client increased its mail volume by 10x in the back test


The lead conversion rate DOUBLED from the initial test to the back test


The client is now dropping regular mailings 4x per year

This campaign proves how effective direct mail can be in B2B lead generation efforts. In the mail channel, the client has found a growth tool that reliably generates hundreds of new leads per mailing.

-Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

A leading home warranty provider was investing heavily in digital advertising channels but needed to quickly increase its acquisition numbers in order to meet aggressive growth goals. The client had never tested direct mail, and the marketing department had limited knowledge of the channel but agreed to run a small “gut-check” mailing to measure its viability as an acquisition tool. SeQuel tested two new models, one creative concept and one offer in a modest initial test of just 100,000 pieces.


Initial test achieved an overall sales rate of .8%


Test achieved an average CPA of $85


Overall ROI for the first test was 4.3x


The client increased mail volume by 5x for the follow-up campaign

The gut check was a nice first step to prove that this product could grow rapidly in the mail, and it didn’t require much time, investment or risk for the brand. This effort is also proof that you can be profitable in an initial test, and even achieve an overall campaign CPA under $90—though the best test cell showed a CPA of about half that. Now, in the expanded follow-up test, it’s a matter of drilling down and analyzing which variables are having the greatest relative impact on performance, so that the client can optimize performance and scale ASAP.

-Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

A leading credit-score optimization service had hit a growth ceiling in digital channels and wanted to test direct mail as an acquisition tool. SeQuel tested a pair of creative concepts, six lists and two offers in the initial FaQtor Test matrix.


Best test cell achieving a $20 CPA


Overall campaign CPA is under $50


Test beat performance goal by 4x

This is a great example of how strong performance can be when you can get a great product in front of the perfect audience. Direct mail's data targeting, model building, etc., are still the most sophisticated strategies for reaching your ideal customer.

-Erik Koenig, SeQuel's Chief Marketing Strategist

After shattering performance expectations in the direct mail test launch, SeQuel wanted to measure the relative performance lift that an integrated online strategy would provide for this credit-score optimization service. SeQuel's digital team developed a truly 1:1 Facebook strategy that targeted direct mail prospects with synchronized online creative, messaging, offers and delivery timing.


All five offline list sources enjoyed a performance boost


Facebook ads boosted direct mail sales rate by 38% within the top offline list


Integrated online ads boosted direct mail sales rate by 14% on average

It creates a deadly combination when you can effectively merge the unmatched power of terrestrial data targeting with the cost-effectiveness of digital media, and it results in big-time cross-channel performance synergies for our clients.

-Chris Hofmann, SeQuel's VP of Digital Services

One of the country’s largest debt-settlement companies had maxed out all digital growth opportunities and wanted to test direct mail as a way of finding more scale. SeQuel's strategists developed a FaQtor Test matrix that included four creative concepts and a dozen list sources over a three-month test window, also testing for optimal mailing frequency.


Achieving a campaign ROI of 39x


Campaign generated 22,000 new customers in Year One


Direct mail now generates one-sixth of the client's new business


Onboarding $1 billion in new debt per year via the mail

SeQuel opened the door to an entirely new revenue channel for us and held our hand through every step of that journey—they’re truly an extension of our internal marketing team. Thanks to SeQuel’s proven direct mail strategies and insights, our brand is enjoying explosive growth. SeQuel’s performance and service model are the gold standard, and SeQuel is now the benchmark by which all of our current and prospective agency partners are measured.

-Grant, Chief Marketing Officer, SeQuel Client

A multinational bank tapped SeQuel to develop and execute a digital media strategy targeting small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with the goal of efficiently driving traffic and conversions on campaign-specific landing pages.

Armed with a set of television and banner ads featuring success stories of SMBs the client has financed through its business banking solutions group, SeQuel built a campaign plan that leaned heavily on the highly targeted video-delivery capabilities of YouTube and Facebook.

The SeQuel digital team synthesized a variety of targeting tactics designed to pinpoint SMB owners in the designated market areas (DMAs) relevant to the client's branch locations, including behavioral (in-market for business financial services), interests, company size, geographic and language segmentation.



Over 400,000 YouTube users viewed the entire video ad


Display click-through rate beat industry benchmark by 7x


Campaign achieved an average cost per click of $1.31


Campaign achieved an average YouTube cost per view of $0.04


Campaign drove a 20% YoY increase in unique page views


Business banking page entrances rose 80% YoY


Average time on site increased by 14% YoY

SeQuel’s digital media strategy for our business banking solutions campaign provided a measurable lift for our branding goals. I know I can always count on SeQuel for excellent strategy, execution and results.

-Vice President, Campaign and Media Manager

The client, a fully-accredited nonprofit teaching and research institution offering multiple health & wellness degrees and certificate programs, was looking to boost its enrollments, but its existing digital marketing agency was struggling to cost-effectively fill its enrollment pipeline with the necessary volume of prospective students. To supplement the shortage of leads, the university had been forced to purchase leads from third-party aggregators, which came with high costs and low downstream conversion rates.

Upon being awarded the account, SeQuel optimized the university’s paid-search accounts while introducing digital channels that would build essential top-of-funnel awareness in the geographies most relevant to the institution. This included targeting prospects across massively scaled audience platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and the Google Display Network. SeQuel also wrote and designed program-specific creative across all platforms, created program-specific landing pages, introduced a compelling content asset offer, and developed blog content for the university’s website regarding career opportunities in natural medicine, which was used in the Facebook campaign as an efficient and effective strategy for building an engaged retargeting audience.



Inquiries across all web channels increased by 75%


Cost per inquiry decreased by 70%


Attendance at a critical on-campus pre-admission event increased by 85%


Local inquiries increased by 57%


Campaign generates 72% of all new inquiries


The university welcomed its largest incoming class in seven years

The conversations we’ve had with the people at SeQuel have been very different from those with our prior agency. SeQuel’s team is very strategic, and they’ve been extremely responsive to the questions we’ve had. When SeQuel began managing our digital lead-generation campaign, we felt the impact almost immediately. They delivered on their promise to deliver a higher volume of qualified inquiries at a dramatically lower cost, and we’re connecting with these prospective students at a much higher rate, which has eliminated our need to purchase non-branded leads from aggregators. Thanks to SeQuel, we have more demonstrated interest in our institution than ever before.

-Erin, Director of Admissions

A leading specialty insurer had tried direct mail previously, but the campaign wasn’t producing growth at a speed or scale that could justify further investment in the channel. From a digital perspective, the client was running a modest paid search campaign, but wasn’t engaging in any acquisition-based digital marketing. SeQuel developed weekly direct mail drops for the five months leading up to peak usage season, along with synchronized digital strategies that included email, Facebook, blogging, display, and landing-page optimization.



Direct mail sales rate rose 29% year over year


Increased monthly site traffic by 5x


Boosted landing-page conversion rate by 24%


Cut cost per acquisition by 17% year over year

SeQuel helps us keep setting the bar higher and higher. I especially value their ability to quickly see trends and adjust. I am not worried about constantly watching results when I know SeQuel has tabs on it. I’m very grateful to their entire team for being such great partners.

-Kerri, SeQuel client

This insurer had recently experienced a 20% decline in annual premium, desired a structured retention strategy, and faced an inflated cost-per-acquisition due to out-of-control production & postage costs. SeQuel took the reins, optimized the campaign finances, tested more than 400 data files, built over a dozen models and developed 50-plus creative concepts.


Acquisition sales rate increased 25%


Revenue-per-policy rose 38%

Annual postage/production costs cut by 20% ($1.8M)


Annual premium jumped nearly 4x

SeQuel’s people are direct marketing pros and trusted resources. They’re very diligent about constructing appropriate test offers—they make sure we’re never complacent! SeQuel makes strategic recommendations based on achieving profitability and CPA goals. They are true professionals and a pleasure to work with.

-Peg, SeQuel client

This identity-theft protection service advertised heavily across broadcast channels, but had never tried direct marketing, and feared it was missing out on a potent sales driver. SeQuel built the program from scratch, populating 16 test cells in the initial matrix with various offers, creative concepts and list files, generating 180 cells of indexed data.


Indexing yielded 11x more data than an A/B test


Response rate multiplied 3.7x since '12

Volume rose from 2M pieces in ‘10 to 130M in '16


Channel helps generate 40% of annual sales

DM now the lowest CPA among marketing channels

The team at SeQuel is incredible—irreplaceable to the nth degree. They have a customer-centric focus, which is very apparent in all of the work that they do. Their willingness to be flexible—nothing could stand in their way. I couldn’t have done my job to the same level of expertise and success without that team behind me.

-Annabel, SeQuel client

A leading specialty insurer was having a difficult time converting prospects who had phoned their call center to receive a quote. SeQuel developed a nimble weekly hotline mailing—every Monday, the client pulls a file of last week’s hot leads, and SeQuel mails a targeted piece by Thursday of that week.


Program achieving a 15% sales rate

Campaign creating $1.9M/year in top-line revenue


Revenue-per-purchase beating acquisition campaign by 13%

We’ve had an incredible amount of success remarketing to responder/non-converter audiences, and we’re certainly pleased that the functionality was created to capture these records for this client. The resulting remarketing campaign is delivering the highest ROI of any of their campaigns by far.

-Erik Koenig, SeQuel’s Chief Marketing Strategist

A prominent not-for-profit health insurer wanted to develop a direct marketing campaign for a new pre-Medicare individual product. Without an existing control package, SeQuel began testing to establish the most responsive and cost-effective combination of data, message, offer, format and creative concepts.


All five concepts beat CPA goal


Winner beat CPA goal by 57%


Winner doubled response rate goal

Rollout ROI: $5.75/1

On time. On budget. Needle-moving results. It’s what you need from a direct marketing partner. It’s what I got with SeQuel. If you’re looking for a partner to help you get the most from your budget, you need to talk to the folks at SeQuel Response.

-Chris, SeQuel client

A fast-growing home-security company approached SeQuel to launch its direct marketing program with goals of generating six-figure annual sales. In a three-month test period, SeQuel tested five different models, 16 affinity files, three offers and three unique creative concepts—generating 189 indexed test cells.


Sales rate doubled since first campaign

Generating thousands of sales a month

Built two new control concepts in a single year

Budgeted eight-figure volume in the subsequent year

SeQuel helped us launch direct mail from zero to a major revenue channel in a matter of months. Their expertise has been invaluable, from data to production to creative. They are a pleasure to work with, they work hard for us, and we trust them wholeheartedly with our business.

-Alex, SeQuel client

An insurer wanted to optimize a retention program that was targeting past customers on a one-size-fits-all basis. SeQuel launched a CRM strategy that segmented past customers based on customer RFM data (recency/frequency/monetary). We then tested communication timing, frequency and creative, and applied learnings across segments.


Creative tests boosted sales rate 10%


Revenue-per-policy up 21%


Annual policies nearly tripled

224K new multi-buyer customers


Customer lifetime value multiplied by 8x

SeQuel’s strategists are timely and thorough in their analysis, and always offer a clear and professional explanation for their recommendations/rationale. They seek to truly understand our business, and offer new ideas for partnerships or other marketing opportunities that go beyond direct mail.

-Director of Direct Marketing, SeQuel client

After experiencing early success in direct marketing tests, this identity-theft protection service wanted to increase its prospect universe without hurting response in phase two of testing. SeQuel sought to target more ideal prospects by customizing multiple competing regression models, and introducing optimal vertical files.


New list source for responder model boosted response 25%

Data enhancements have produced 75% of control files


DM helps produce over 400k new sales a year


Volume has increased 65x in six years since launch


CPA cut in half since launch

SeQuel is the largest single member-generating agency channel in the company. When we need something, we can depend on them to execute, and execute with a very high standard of quality. They’ve been extremely instrumental in new-member acquisition, such that we wouldn’t have been able to hit the numbers that we did without them.

-Steve, SeQuel client

After engaging in direct marketing for about a year, an international fraternal benefits organization had seen a 70% decline in enrollment rate, and wanted to reach 100,000 new enrollments by year-end. SeQuel built a matrix that tested two unique offers and three different creative concepts, and also developed an email/postcard follow-up strategy.


Increased overall sales rates by 91%

Winning creative/offer combo beat sales rate by 114%


Reduced cost-per-registration by 51%

Acquired 83% more members with 5% smaller mail volume


Finished 6% under budget

Given some sizable performance goals, we were allowed to test rather broadly in our first campaign, and it paid significant dividends. Not only did we find a more effective creative and offer—the overall campaign nearly doubled the enrollment expectation set by prior efforts. This campaign breaks the mold a bit, in that the offer is free, but the audience is static. So it has been fun constantly tinkering with new offers and creative concepts to find effective ways to engage the audience.

-Jay Carroll, SeQuel’s Co-Founder & CEO

In this pilot direct marketing test, SeQuel developed a program strategy rooted in fractional multivariate testing. We ultimately developed three unique concepts, a campaign-specific landing page, plus six unique prospect lists, including one customer lookalike model.


Concept beat average lifetime premium-per-lead by 2.5x


New model topped average sales rate by 52%


Average purchase premium is 2.3x the base price


Winning test combination delivering $3/1 ROI

From a nonexistent direct marketing campaign to roll-out-level performance and profitability in 90 days. SeQuel’s proven FaQtor Test methodology strikes again.

-Tom Rothstein, SeQuel's Co-Founder/President

As part of an ongoing creative testing strategy, this insurer asked SeQuel to continue to test and back test new concepts on a monthly basis. Since taking over the program, SeQuel has tested a total of 50 unique acquisition concepts, successfully unseating control with a new package every 10 to 14 months.


Net sales rate boost of 25%


Cumulative 45% reduction in CPA

Built new control concept in 5-straight years

Most direct marketing campaigns fail for one reason: they get tired. Marketers rely on control creatives with perhaps the occasional A/B test, and before you know it, fatigue has set in, and the campaign is in peril. We fight that complacency with a commitment to ongoing creative testing, even if we just beat the control last month, or if performance is already strong. Doing so has consistently delivered winners, enabling us to stay well ahead of any performance drop-off.

-Vicki Erickson, SeQuel's VP of Client Services

With multiple prospect streams feeding a fast-growing direct marketing program, it became necessary to more actively manage contact frequency and timing. But rather than merely looking back at whom we’d already targeted, we built and populated a database that allows SeQuel and the client to more proactively manage future contact strategies and data drill-downs.


Tracks over 200 variables for analysis


Contact history on over 125M records

Columnar file maximizes data variety & speed

They went to incredible lengths to get our campaigns completed and out the door on time. All the late-night phone calls that they’re willing to take—they were invaluable. Nothing could stand in their way, and I think that really sets the SeQuel team apart from any other agency I’ve ever interacted with.

-Partner Marketing Manager, SeQuel client

Several years of working a relatively static marketing universe was causing this insurer’s response rates, sales volume and profitability to deteriorate. SeQuel began testing three to five new vertical/affinity files per month, built custom responder/affinity/publisher models, and targeted perimeter prospect segments.


Increased revenue-per-sale by 38%


Lifted premium-per-piece by 81%

Acquisition profitability rose 20%


Annual mail volume grew 4x

Time and time again we learn that data is king. By continually testing new files of all types, we were able to not only boost sales rates, but also provide significant scale within profitability metrics. The campaign has grown 4x, and list testing was the primary driver. When we found a winning list, we just had to decide whether it would replace the lowest on the totem pole, or just bolt on. It’s been a compelling growth story.

-Scott Anderson, SeQuel's VP of Data & Analytics

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